Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Princess by name

Rumour has it that the sun is going to make a lovely appearance towards the end of May, however it's not very grey at present which is lovely.

However my morning was very bright, as a lovely gorgeous seven week old stunner came to visit.

Amira has the most amazing brown eyes, rich and deep with a cheeky glint and the most luxurious  dark fluffy hair that made me melt.

There is something about babies that just make my job worth while - the innocent looks, the babbling and cooing and the gentle little cheeky smiles.

Amira was no different, and something tells me Mum and Dad will have their hands full when she is older, the face of an angel but a cheeky little girl behind the big "it wasn't me", eyes and smile.

This is her puzzled expression ... one of her many facial expressions from the session.

Thank you for sharing your precious daughter with me.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

I love cheeky children

Having two girls, who are, self confessed cheeky so and so's, I absolutely love cheeky children. Children with a personality and vibrant.

Not only do children like this make my job easier as they create beautiful photos, they don't tend to need any prompting.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two gorgeous boys.  They started off shy, like little soldiers standing to attention, however after a few minutes, the smiles were there and the little belly giggles were beginning to emerge.

Amazingly bright, the eldest told me how he can make a light bulb shine with two wires, a screw and a battery, whilst his little brother stared adoringly at him.

I'm sure you will agree, the two boys relaxed so well I got this shot with little encouragement.

An amazing couple of boys, who over come challenges with smiles and funny faces,  something I think adults should try.

#funnyfacesrock   #cheekyboys

Monday, 7 April 2014

2014 the year of PINK ...

2014 had been the year of pink for me.  Beautiful baby girls every week, until yesterday and I had the pleasure of a bundle of blue...  the adorable Jake.

Lovely dark hair, gorgeous chubby cheeks, lovely big bright eyes and a very strong four week old.

Surround by noise, he was at his most calm, I even thinking of carrying my own hair dryer in my kit bag in case other babies finding it as soothing as Jake does.

Peaceful and calm ....  such a cute little boy.

Thank you to Sam and Scott for letting me capture your gorgeous little boy (and his big brother Josh)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Life beyond Coffee

I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke, my pleasure is a cappuccino.  One barista at the local store has been there for about 4 years and watched my youngest daughter grow from a bump to a 3 year old munchkin.

This particular barista not only works in a coffee shop, a tapas bar, she also is at college studying to be a hairdresser.

As part of her course she had been given an assignment to create a style and have it photographed and then recreate the style in front of her tutors.

So she roped in a fellow colleague to model and me to photograph it.

So the model was a little tense and unsure of what to expect, however half way through the shoot she started to enjoy it.

It was my first shoot like this, so was unsure how it would work, however I think we got some lovely  shots.

What do you think?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

All things new

So it has been half term for me this week, so I have had my two mini munchies at home to keep me busy, so we have been trying to do something "new" every day.  Something that either they haven't done before or I haven't done before.... mine included staying in bed until 8:30am having snuggles and singing songs from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  And any one that knows me will know that I never stay in bed later than 7am, so this was like heaven to my girls.

Any way for get me... new things for Sawtell Photography

Well lets think  ...

... fresh new look coming soon ... watch this space for details

 ....  puppy pictures - yes I have photographed a lovely little pooch - and they said never work with children or animals - now I have done both!!

Meet Fijit ...

I have met Fijit before, however her owners where then dressed in their wedding attire and we popped in for a quick cuddle between the ceremony and reception.  She is adorable and very cuddly, however left with a very sad face, which I hope she forgets and likes me again soon.

... studio shots - yes I have given in and started using my lights !!  I suppose it was either that or cancel everything due to the English weather !!

Chloe-Paige my first newborn of 2014 and so delicate and cute.  Although this picture doesn't show Chloe's cute little face, it is a favourite of mine as she gripped so hard, even though she was asleep to her Daddy's finger - a fabulous bond that will just grow and grow.  Very precious.

Munchie 2, an angelic little demon !!   I can say that she is my daughter.  She decided she wanted her pictures taken, and I never deny her this as it is very rare for either or my children to ask for their picture to be taken.

This is the norm for her ... although not many people get to see this side of her ... until now x

In Munchie number 1's words

"Mummy, life is like your camera ...  when things look all blurry you need to adjust your focus and think about what you are doing and try again"

Too wise for her own good !!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Every girl Dreams of being a Princess, not every girl can be an ANGEL xx

In my early days a friend asked me to photograph a wedding that she was being bridesmaid at, and I agreed, after all every girl needs photos of her big day.

Having not met the bride prior to the big day, I was nervous, however instantly set as ease, and that Bride and Groom, Rick and Leoni Angel, I now consider as friends rather than clients.

When Leoni told me Rick and her were expecting, I was over joyed and extremely honoured to be asked to capture her final days of pregnancy and her newborns first images.

The months rolled on and I watched Leoni post pics of her growing bump and then November arrived and the arrival of Baby Angel was getting closer.

Leoni looked stunning on her wedding day and being pregnant made her look just as stunning, she looked relaxed and ready for the impending birth.

It was a lovely relaxed shoot with Rick and the two boys joining in, there were lots of laughs when Tyler was measuring Leoni's bump and lots of really affectionate moments.

On the 1st December, baby finally made an appearance, and I think Brooke Angel was worth the wait.

At 14 days old I got my first proper glimpse of the little cutie and what a cutie she is !!  Another baby that will be spoilt with love and affection especially by Tyler who already worships her.

Brooke may be Angel in name, she is also an angel in looks and temperament.

This puzzled look on Brooke's face is funny as she is such a Daddy's girl already.

Such a little cutie.

Daddy's little Princess xx

Thank you Leoni and Rick, I loved following and capturing the stages of your pregnancy and Brooke's arrival ...  xx

Oh I can't resist ... I know it's January but a quick selection of some of the gorgeous Christmas shoots ...